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Odd Lots

  • There’s lots more Neanderthal in us than we previously thought. My knobby Neanderthal head is poking me in my conical ribcage…
  • Google just sold Motorola to Lenovo, but will be keeping the Motorola skunkworks.
  • Saturation radio advertising in the early 70s has left their jingle stuck in the far corners of my head, but I never actually tasted Zapple cinnamon-apple wine. Weird wines fascinate me (I stop well short of baby mice wine, thanks) and that sounds better than some of the gimmick wines I’ve tried in my life.
  • However, I did try Mateus and Lancers back in the day, both of which were handed out to all passengers on those noisy old Fokkers I used to ride between Chicago and Rochester MN when Carol was in grad school. Both still exist. I wonder if I have the will to buy one of each and see if those old golden memories were about the wine or the woman? (Three guesses. None of them count.)
  • So is it “assortive” mating, or “assortative” mating? I see both spellings online, but having internalized “preventive” I’m loath to endorse”assortative.”
  • A heads-up on something I’m investigating when time allows: Running the Atlantis word processor on Windows 7 fails the first time, but launches the Windows 7 Game Explorer module gameux.dll, which for some reason causes rundll32.exe to use about 50% of my CPU cycles thereafter. This problem arises with games, but Atlantis is not a game. The machine does not have a network connection, which seems key. Still poking at it, but if you’ve seen this problem and fixed it, do let me know how. I’m starting to think that there’s a game called “Atlantis” somewhere and that Game Explorer is looking for a network connection to “do something.” If there’s a way to carve Game Explorer out of Win7 without breaking anything else, that would be not only useful, but damned useful.
  • People in Colorado are already skinnier than people in other states. They may be about to become skinnier yet.
  • Another revelation from the Ministry of the Painfully Obvious: Political discussions damage Facebook relationships. Since a huge fraction of Facebook posts seem to be hatehurling anyway, this should surprise no one.
  • Perhaps a new way to look at the dichotomy: Weather is anecdotes. Climate is data.


  1. Stickmaker says:

    My first completed (still unsold) novel has humans discovering a massive generation-type interstellar craft full of Neanderthals. They learn it was built by a previously unknown branch of Neanderthals who created at technological civilization on Earth 80k years ago before being wiped out by some mysterious enemy. There’s lots of speculation as to whether modern humans and Neanderthals can produce fertile offspring.

    So, in the twenty years since they’ve discovered the Denisovians and maybe one other previously unknown branch of Neanderthals. They’ve also proven conclusively the two subspecies did successfully interbreed.

    Fifty-fifty isn’t bad, right?

    Rod Smith

  2. Bill Dillon says:


    Indeed there was a computer game named “Beyond Atlantis.” It was set up for Windows 95/98. I hope this helps.


  3. Hallo.

    Just to complement Bill’s answer, and assuming I’ve posted the URLs correctly, these are on

    So, I guess someone at MS has a list to update.

  4. OK, I didn’t post the links correctly…

  5. Had to leave for a little while, the Call of Chores. Now, then… thinking back in HTML 101, I seem to recall something about closing tags. Which I obviously didn’t.

    HTML by hand does bring some memories of way too many hours in notepad and vi. Ugh!

    Anyway, the series has 3 games:
    – Atlantis: The Lost Tales
    – Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis
    – Atlantis 3: The New World

    And sorry for the comment mini-spam.

  6. Bob Fegert says:

    It’s been alleged that I have a bit of Neanderthal in

    Jeff, this is off topic for this post but you might be interested in a new
    BBC Horizon episode that aired a few days ago.

    “BBC Horizon – Sugar v Fat”

    You can see it here.

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