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Something’s Burning…

Like, Colorado Springs.

Ok. First of all, Carol and I are fine. We’re fine in part because we’re not yet back in Colorado Springs. We’ve been in Chicago for three weeks and might have stayed a little longer, but then friends started to call and email asking, “Are you near the fire?”

Egad. I don’t talk much about being away until we’re back, so apart from locals few people knew we were not in Colorado. Once it became clear that the fire was no quick or small matter, we got things in order as best we could and started the long trip west. We’ll be home some time tomorrow.

Our house is about 11 miles SSE of the Waldo Canyon fire and does not appear to be in immediate danger. Jimi Henton is there with Aero and Jack, and we’re in regular touch with her. Over the last two days, the fire’s perimeters have moved mostly north and east. 30,000 people have been evacuated already (including several of our friends and even Michelle Malkin) and things are a stupendous mess.

More than this I can’t tell you until we get there. Stand by.


  1. Mike Weasner says:

    Glad to hear that things are currently OK at your home, given the fire conditions. Best wishes. Safe travels.

  2. Sabrina Hoyt says:

    I’m definitely glad to hear all is OK. Be safe coming home. Man this is a bad, bad year for Colorado and residents alike. Lets hope and pray that the fire stays away from ya’lls neck of the woods.

  3. Erbo says:

    That’s what I figured. The firefighters are doing a good job holding the line on the south at US 24…and, if it doesn’t jump that, it’s not getting anywhere near your house.

    On the other hand, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin is one of the evacuees…and Stephen Green, who lives in Woodmoor about nine miles north of the Air Force Academy, is keeping an eye out and thinking that there’s no way the Air Force is going to let the fire run right through its Academy.

  4. Yeah, I also came back early, from TechEd Europe in Amsterdam because of the really bad fire day on Tuesday (it spread like crazy that day). We’re about 3 miles as the crow flies from the northeastern flank of the fire, the other side of the Air Force Academy. Not in the evacuation zone, but Tuesday night, when I rearranged the flight home, it looked more and more likely that we would be soon.

    Cheers, Julian

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