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Odd Lots


  1. Donald R Doerres says:

    Here’s a review of RPi5 cases and coolers (and cooler cases) link points squarely at lucid dreaming

    1. All fixed. That happens to me sometimes, especially when I’m in a hurry. I’ll leave this here to remind myself that I made a mistake.

  2. EdH says:

    The article on the dirigible was interesting. The linked-to IEEE Spectrum article has more pictures, including some of the internal structure and keel.

    I have always felt there were profitable niche spaces for airships, both tourist & commercial, good to see something getting pass the “Hindenburg barrier”.

    The rehabbing of the Moffitt Field hangar looks great, new skin & new floor. Sadly another hangar, in Tustin, just burned down, a total loss.

  3. RickH says:

    Something for your next ‘Odd Lots’:

    Something for amateur sky-watchers to find:

    Astronauts dropped a tool bag during an ISS spacewalk, and you can see it with binoculars

    The tool bag is now orbiting our planet just ahead of the ISS with a visual magnitude of around 6, according to EarthSky. That means it is slightly less bright than the ice giant Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun. As a result, the bag  —  officially known as a crew lock bag  —  is slightly too dim to be visible to the unaided eye, but skywatchers should be able to pick it up with binoculars.

    To see it for yourself, first find out when you can find spot the space station over the next few months (NASA even has a new app to help you). The bag should be floating two to four minutes ahead of the station. As it descends rapidly, the bag is likely to disintegrate when it reaches an altitude of around 70 miles (113 kilometers) over Earth.

    Article here, among other places.

  4. Spencer Arnold says:

    Jeff, your updated Assembly book got released nearly a month ago. It wasn’t until I looks at the title covers on the right that I realised the old cover was gone. How are sales going? I will definitely order it myself for christmas.

    1. I won’t get real sales figures for some months yet. It’s been in Amazon’s Assembly Language Programming stack rank top 20 most of the time since it was released. No reviews yet, but I’ve gotten five or six emails about it, all of them very positive. The book has its own WordPress page, where you can find the (correct) link for the listings archives, sample chapter and TOC, and errata. Here’s the page:

      Hope you like it; I spent most of a year putting it together. Hard work, but I learned a lot, and now I can share that with my reader. x64 is just, well, better.

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