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  1. TRX says:

    > posting very short items on Facebook

    Alas, that might as well be /dev/null for me.

    1. Orvan Taurus says:

      # Facebook | /dev/null
      Seems a most reasonable handling of it, really.

  2. Don Doerres says:

    Trees? does all our work. Fixed up my grapefruit tree, took out my problem palm trees. They trim my palms. They also take out the stumps! Super clean up when they are don.

  3. Ken Callegari says:

    “Man who claimed he was stabbed by anti-fascist over neo-Nazi haircut admits he was lying”

  4. Jim Dodd says:

    The fellow stabbed “because he had a Nazi haircut” had actually stabbed himself and is being charged with false reporting reporting to authorities.

  5. Bill Fultz says:

    This Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed After Being Mistaken For A Neo-Nazi Was Lying. Your tribe is at it again Jeff! lol. Are you really that gullible that this upset you?

    1. I’ve seen lots of videos of your tribe hitting people over the head with bike locks, broken bottles, and so on, so it wasn’t outside the bounds of possibility. And yes, such behavior upsets me, granting that this particular single instance was a hoax. I’ve seen loads of others that were not hoaxes, and so have millions of other Americans who take exception to that kind of behavior.

      I’ll leave you with this:

    2. Here’s your tribe at it again, and I did enough sniffing around to be sure that the incidents cited are not hoaxes.

      Here’s the gist, for those who don’t want to follow the link:

      “Worse things happened for a photographer at the Antifa riot in Berkeley the following day. As black-clad anarchists swarmed the city to attack anyone they thought might be a Trump supporter, they set their sights on a cameraman for the offense of taking their picture.

      Antifa chased the man down and beat him bloody with clubs. Police eventually came to his aid and had to help him stand up and walk after the thrashing.”

      You want Republican domination of America’s governments forever? This is how you get Republican domination of America’s governments forever.

  6. jim f says:

    Actually, attempts to suppress 1st amendment activities are protected by law. You can bring suit if someone attempts to suppress your protected speech.

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