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The House Is Ours!

New House Front Door - 500 Wide.jpg


I offer you this photo, the first of us standing in front of our new front door. Taken by Elva Weissmann, Realtor Extraordinaire, without whom I doubt we would have found it at all.

And now the real work starts. First task: Free our new gargoyles from the deadly embrace of the catsclaw vines. That should happen tomorrow.

I have other things of some importance to write about. Nobody has yet written about the true and lasting legacy of the Sad Puppies, so I guess I’ll just have to do it. Give me a couple of days and all will become clear.


  1. Bruce C. Baker says:


  2. Tom Roderick says:

    Congratulations Jeff on the new QTH! Is the alarm wiring shielded?

  3. great unknown says:

    Congratulations and good luck. Use it in good health.

    As an aside, and given your workload, you may not have seen this off-the-beaten-path commentary:

    With sarcasm as bitter as denatonium, it leaves me waiting eagerly for next year.

    And I am waiting eagerly for your non-alternate-history take on the affair.

  4. Bob Fegert says:

    Nice that you got the house!
    You guys look very happy.

    I love that stained glass entry door 🙂

  5. TRX says:

    A house like that should have a name.

    I’m voting for “Fort Duntemann.”

  6. Welcome back to Arizona Jeff. Looking forward to seeing more of you.

  7. RH in CT says:


    May the moving gods have mercy on you both.

  8. Jack Smith says:

    Antennas up yet? Have to get your priorities set correctly.

    1. I didn’t bring any gear with me because there’s a lot of work to do. Still, when I look at various mods we’re having done on the house, cable pass-throughs are very much on my mind. Will definitely be on the air when we come back down in November and have all my rigs and parts on the Big Truck.

      Makes me glad I decided not to try for a 0-call when we left Arizona in ’03. (In truth, nothing that I wanted was available.

      1. Jack Smith says:

        One of my EE college classmates, K8IA, lives down Arizona way. If your paths ever cross, say hello. is one of his web pages.

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