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  1. Larry Nelson says:

    I don’t read much SF (except rare stuff by some JD guy) so I don’t really have dog in this fight.

    But I really like Eric Raymond’s piece. The phrase “transpose this resentment into the key of politics” is worth rolling around in the mind for a while. It has other applications.

    1. It does. ESR is worth reading, and I don’t get to him as often as I should. But then again, time is short these days: I’m trying to re-establish myself in SF.

      I’m currently finishing up the ebook edition of The Cunning Blood, which will be sold on Kindle (including KU) for $2.99. I’ll also be releasing Firejammer for the first time once I nail a cover. Ditto my longer short works like “Drumlin Boiler,” “Drumlin Wheel,” “Cold Hands,” and “Borovsky’s Hollow Woman.” The big deal will be in January, when I launch both and *Ten Gentle Opportunities.* Much work to be done before then, but I’m making progress and things are looking good.

      1. Carrington Dixon says:

        Good news indeed. More stf by Duntemann is most welcome.

        1. Many thanks for the vote of confidence. (I’m gonna need it…) And I hope you guys will help spread the word when the material finally hits the streets.

          1. Erbo says:

            We’ll start our own slate to get you on the 2016 Hugo ballot. I think it should be called “Fluffy White Puppies.” The only criterion for being part of the slate is that you must get along with bichons. 🙂

  2. Rick H says:

    Enjoy wandering by here. Usually visit on my laptop.

    I suppose that you have been following the “Googlegeddon” … where Google will downgrade your site in search results from mobile devices. And your site doesn’t pass their ‘mobile friendly test’, so will be affected.

    Since this is a WP site, you might want to consider changing themes. My favorite theme is Mantra, which is fully responsive. Easy customization; you should be able to get your design in place with just a few customizations. I use it for many of my web sites.

    And can help, if needed. (This is not a shill for work, but just enjoy your site.)

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