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Running Out of 2008

ravenlogo.jpgCarol and I got back to Colorado Springs a few hours ago, and the suitcases haven’t been emptied yet–in fact, they’re in a pile in the corner of the bedroom and may not even be unlocked until tomorrow morning. But on the way home from the airport we picked up the puppies, who seem no worse for the wear, except for their tear-staining. We give them occasional doses of Tylan to treat the staining, but we don’t expect the kennel people to keep up with that. So they’re going to be redeyed for a couple of weeks yet.

The priority today and tomorrow is to get ready for the big switchover from hand-edited Contra entries (something I’ve been doing for over ten years!) to WordPress. I did some testing of a free blog editor called Zoundry Raven while I was in Chicago, and it worked well enough for me to want to give it a shot in “production mode.” This post is being edited in Raven, and if everything works correctly, it will post the same text and associated images to both LiveJournal and WordPress with one click and without a lot of screwing around. The images were an issue on my test post for December 23, and they may still be, but I’m running out of time to troubleshoot them this year, and I may have to fix’n’figger along the way if Glitch Happens. (And doesn’t it always?)

The new URL for the WordPress-based Contra will be, in case you haven’t seen that yet. Come Friday, there will be no new posts on, though links to all ten years’ worth of archives will still be there, at least until I get them moved to the new domain. How far back I move the hand-edited archives into WordPress depends heavily on how much work it ends up being, and that remains an open issue.


  1. Rich, N8UX says:

    Nice theme… looks a lot like the old site, but has that 2.0 “roundyness”, for lack of a better word.

    Or maybe it’s just the rss chicklet.


    1. “Roundyness” is one of the best coinages I’ve heard in months, though I might spell it differently, in honor of 2008’s checkered politics.

      You say it for lack of a better word because there is no better word. Roundiness captures it completely. FB, as they say.

  2. Rich, N8UX says:

    And a very snappy response as well.


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